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Easy Phone Tunes can be used to sync your iTunes playlists
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Easy Phone Tunes can be used to sync your iTunes playlists with an Android device. I have recently made the switch from an iPhone to an Android device, and one of the problems that arose from the switch was that I ended up with a huge library of MP3s that I couldn't easily transfer to my new device. That is where Easy Phone Tunes comes in. After installing this application, you will be able to transfer any music or podcasts that you have in your iTunes library directly to your phone.

The app uses a wizard to guide you through the few steps necessary to get your music copied onto your phone. The first step is to select your phone. It is important that Windows recognizes the device and installs drivers for it, or the app won't be able to find it. Once your phone is found by Easy Phone Tunes, you can go on and select whether you want your entire music library copied to your phone or if you want to select a playlist. The same goes for podcasts. During the last step, the app asks if you want to sync album art data, which transfers album artwork files to your Android device along with your music.

In my testing, my phone was detected almost immediately and transferring my music didn't take longer than expected. I like how automatic the process is. The time savings are substantial, especially for users with big libraries.

José Fernández
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